Married at Worthington, Date?
Prosper Engler - Anne Wolfe
Settled at Worthington, Iowa
The Children...                  
of Andrew I. Engler and Margaret Loes
The Worthington Englers
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Anne Banwarth Wednesday, 6/7/06, 1:04 PM
Andrew Engler was my great great grandfather. My great grandfather was Prosper and my grandfather was Edgar. My mother was Mary Jane Engler Beitzel. So you and my mother would be 2nd cousins? Pretty cool.
From: Dubuque Iowa

Spouses' Names
(Ernster, Pettinger)
(didn't marry)
Mary Anna
Francis "Frank"
Margaret "Mag"
John Louis
Emmelda "Mel"
Pauline Theresa
Peter "Pete"
Theodore "Dorley"
Minerva "Min"
Prosper "Pros"
1. Edgar m. Grace (?)
- John, Lila (Sr. Edgar), Dave (Geraldine Hess), Mary Jane (Beitzel), Anne

2. Laverne m. Ida Burlage
- Charles "Chuck", James
Children of Prosper and Anne: