Most all the information I have about the Engler family came from cousin Leo Engler. He wrote an excellent detailed account of our branch of the family. In the 1980s my assignment had me doing a bit of work in Europe. At that time, Leo pointed me in the right directions and I was able to find the birthplace and records of all our great grandparents, except for Andreas. I visited every town in Baden by the name of Griesheim and some Griesheims across the river in what is now Alsace-Lorraine (my Dad always said that Andrew came from Alsace-Lorraine, during Andrew's time, a part of Baden), but no Andrew.

  I haven't really worked on family history since that time but occasionally relatives write and ask, so I put everything I have out on a website so I don't make so many mistakes trying to recall from memory. Every time someone writes, I sorta get interested in the project again and I jot down a few more notes. This website isn't meant to be the last word on things but only an easy point of reference.

  You are welcome to any of this information. Let me know when you spot things that differ from your understanding of how things were, or if you have new pieces of information. If you have interesting stories about the origins of the family or photo's, I'd be happy to get them. My special interest is the early origins of the family.

  Andrew Engler is my great grandfather. His oldest son, Frank, is my grandfather and Frank's second youngest son, Ralph, is my Dad. I was born and lived on the Engler homestead until it was sold out of the family in the 1950's shortly before I moved to Taiwan where I have been living most of my life as a Maryknoll missioner.

Fr. Clancy Engler, Taiwan                                                  February 2002
The Worthington Englers